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phlexible sneak peek

Have you ever wished for a Content Management System that perfectly adapts to your projects needs, your programming experience and your customers budget? phlexible.cms is about to satisfy your demands.

phlexible.cms is a powerful Content Management System based on a highly flexible data storage principle. Use a comfortable mask editor to define any fields your particular project requires. Arrange them via drag & drop in an intuitive hierarchical treeview. Use field groups, repeatable groups, validation rules and over 20 field types to make content management as hassle-free as possible.

phlexible.cms is based on Symfony 2 and uses extJS to provide you with an extraordinary AJAX-interface. A multitude of compelling features make developing and working with phlexible a sheer pleasure. phlexible's elegant software architecture will help you to integrate new features effortless and efficiently. If you like Symfony 2 you will love phlexible.

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  • Add a page

    Get a first impression of phlexible's interface and see a page being added to a website.

  • Add a simple elementtype

    Get a first impression of how to create a simple elementtype and use it for content management.


  • Based on PHP 5 and the Symfony 2, strictly follows Symfony 2 coding standards
  • Ergonomic and effective AJAX-based interface
  • Generic, highly flexible data storage with mask editor
  • Create flexible and comfortable data masks with groupable fields, repeatable groups and more than 20 field types
  • Independent multilanguage support for both, front- and backend including a comfortable placeholder management tool
  • Versioning of content and files
  • Professional media asset management
  • Component-based architecture with install and uninstall mechanisms
  • User, role and rights management
  • Multisite management
  • Mail component for editing system mails
  • Components for password protected websites and services
  • Business logic component for building complex form-based processes
  • Flexible domain and URL routing capabilities including "speaking" URLs
  • Central messaging system with configurable filters and multi-channel support (RSS, Jabber, eMail)
  • Dashboard for editors